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Q10. Can you train like an astronaut?

Do 10 star jumps and 10 squats!  

1. Start in a quarter squat position with back flat, feet together, and palms touching the sides of your lower legs. 


2. Jump up, raising arms and legs out to your sides (your body should form an “X” in mid-air). 


3. Land softly with feet together and immediately lower back into the starting position. 

1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out.  


2. Slowly bend at the knees and drop your hips to lower your body. Keep your heels flat on the floor.  


3. At the bottom of the exercise pause for a moment and strongly push back up to the starting position, mirroring the descent. 


Create lasting memories and experience the thrills and adventures of the Royal Navy at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.


Go beyond the surface at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Uncover secrets long thought lost at sea, the true story of heroes past and present, and get to grips with the ships that made history. 

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