“Fabulous idea! Got us out together as a family and introduced physical activity in a fun way" 
Parent, North Yorkshire

All of our games include unique and beautifully designed signs for bases and instructions to strategically place around your site.


You'll get unlimited access to the online game for as long as you need and every package comes with cable ties so you can attach the signs to trees, fences or where ever else you want to send explorers!

When you contact us you'll need to tell us if you want permanent (aluminium) or temporary (corex) signs and, depending on the game you choose, how many bases you'll need. 

Games are usually dispatched within 10 working days.

Prices below are approximate costs. Please contact us for more options and details.


Choose from our current games

All our games are bespoke to your needs and prices start at just £149

The Superhero Trail

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a super hero? Help the SUPER SQUAD track down the evil Dr Questr by finding the clues that reveal his secret hiding place!

AGES: 5+

Natural Habitats Trail

What kind of creatures live in hedges, logs, tress and meadows? Learn about different habitats and the animals that call them home in this immersive educational game

AGES: 5+

The Green Trail

Introducing Blob, Flob and Glob; three aliens that want to help us save the planet! Become an eco-warrior and learn about all the current threats to the environment and what we can do to help.

AGES: 5+

Discover a Tree Trail

Have you ever wondered what that tree is with the strange leaves? This quiz lets you guess and learn fun facts about nine trees regularly found in the British countryside.

AGE: 8+

Super Hero Fitness

The superheroes are back in this live action fitness trail! Find the heroes, scan the code and copy the video in this fun and interactive fitness game. Guaranteed to burn off plenty of energy!

AGES: 5+

Bird Spotter Trail

Have you ever wondered what all of those fascinating birds that sing to you as you stroll around the park? This interactive trail identifies up to 12 of the UKs most common birds and includes captivating samples of their individual calls.

AGES: 6+


A fun and interactive way to encourage park users to exercise while walking the dog or out for a stroll.

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