Questr has made the news! See The Great Knaresborough Treasure Hunt coverage from the Harrogate Advertiser below:

A mysterious event which could lead to hidden treasure is coming to Knaresborough.

Over the summer, if visitors look hard enough, they might discover mysterious patterns hidden all around the town. If they point their mobile phone at them they will see a message that may lead them to all kinds of exciting prizes!

The Great Knaresborough Treasure Hunt has been designed by Questr, a local tech start-up and funded by the local Lions group, and local business to get families and visitors to explore the town and enjoy being out and about.

The game starts on Saturday 21 July at 9am and runs until Sunday 2 September. Using QR code technology, explorers will hunt down the codes concealed in parks, shops and all the tourist locations. Once scanned by a mobile phone they will reveal a unique webpage revealing a message.

Explorers will then collect as many messages as they can and return them to get a fantastic reward. Prizes include a £100 voucher for one lucky explorer who finds all 30 messages, £20 for the person who claims the most codes (by finding them first) and £10 for the first person to discover each of the well hidden ‘Bonus Codes’.

Once a code has been discovered it will appear on a map on the website for other explorers to follow. Explorers will able to plot a route around the town to find as many codes as possible!

A spokesman said: “While schools will be sent game guides towards the end of term, it’s not just for locals. Visitors to the town (and those without children) will be able to play by picking up a guide at the Tourist Information desk in the town centre library or any of the local businesses involved. Explorers can also share selfies and keep up to date with the game and its regular spot prizes by joining the The Great Knaresborough Treasure Hunt Facebook group.”

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