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Frequently asked questions

How does Questr work?

It uses QR Code technology which allows most smart phones and tablets to recognise a code through the device's camera and direct the user to a website, picture or text.

What devices can I use?

As long as your device can link to the internet and has a camera it is likely to work. Simply download a free QR code scanner from the device's app store and get scanning! If you're unsure about whether your device will work, open the scanning app and point the camera at the picture below...

Is it safe for kids to use unsupervised?

All of our games and QR code links are stored on our website. This means that while children are playing our games they will not come into contact with any unwanted material. However we cannot police where children visit outside of our games and would recommend that children are closely supervised at all times when using internet enabled technology.

Can I play a game now?

Yes! On the schools page, towards the bottom there is a free game to download. All you have to do is join our mailing list- simples!

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