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Here at Questr we aim to get more children active and enhance their learning through enjoyable and engaging physical activity in the great outdoors. We do this by combining the natural environment with the screen technology which is part of every young person's life.



1. Download a free QR scanner app onto your phone from your app marketplace (any scanner will work and newer iphones will scan QR codes straight from the camera)

2. Find the map of this park and work your way around the numbered bases

3. At each base there is a QR code to be scanned. Scan the code and you will be sent to a unique page on our website with a picture of a wild animal you could find in this park

4. Make a note of which animal is at which base

5. Once you have scanned all of the bases, return to the map and scan the code at the bottom. This will take you to a form to complete with all of your answers

6. Follow us on social media to find out if your answers were correct!

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